What Our Patients Say

Here are just a few testimonials for Dr Graeme.

Our whole family (we range in age from 10 – 73) has been going to DrGraeme once a month for years. We see this as one of the most important gifts that we are giving our children: they grow and develop with full function in their bodies. Both of our children are sporty and any injuries are addressed every month, helping them to continue to progress in their sports, concentrate at school and enjoy new challenges in life. As adults we really look forward to our monthly adjustments, coming out feeling 10 years younger and ready to face the challenges of work and home. Several years ago, our dog had an accident and the vet told us he would have permanent damage to his tail with concerns about his spine. After a course of adjustments he was back to normal and there have been no issues since. I wouldn’t just recommend chiropractic, I would suggest that it should be considered a valuable part of everyone’s health regime as both preventative and addressing physical issues as they arise.
– The Brutons

(Dr Graeme has studied animal chiropractic at the International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic. This is a postgraduate programme open to Veterinarians and Doctors of Chiropractic. All animals may suffer from back, neck, pelvic and musculoskeletal problems at some time during their life. And like us, they benefit from Chiropractic care!)

I wanted to optimize my health and take positive steps to improve my wellbeing before I reach 50! I heard about Dr Graeme and his willingness to give his patients time and a personal programme – Several friends had told me about improvements in their health after attending his practice. I have attendend regularly and have never felt better! As an asthmatic for 36 years, I rarely use my inhaler now and I have not had a migraine since becoming a regular user of chiropractic. We have now become a chiropractic family under Dr Graeme’s care; and that’s the whole family – Horses, dogs and cat included!
– K Sinclair

I first went to see the chiropractor about my shoulder, and to see if I could get any relief from something I had come to accept as an old injury and had been putting off for years, as the usual pain killers and previous attempts to improve it through conventional treatment had not been successful. I initially had a scan and an interview and was listened to about any problems I have or had previously and after my first scan it was plain to see where my problem areas where in the spine.

I was happy after my first adjustments because even though I attended primarily for my shoulder I learned a bit more than I expected, and the proof was after a few adjustments I could feel relief from other pains in my neck and back that I was not even aware of. After only 12 visits I was rescanned and I was able to see from the first and second scan the improvements to all areas, and the most satisfying part of the treatment is feeling the benefit for yourself.

I have increased strength in my shoulder and after alignment was achieved I was introduced to exercises to support the joint and build up muscle to help the body heal. I noticed during my treatment that it is necessary to increase water intake and pay attention to in my case, stress levels and the physical way I deal with it from posture to tension. Knowing what and how to do it helps give back control and goals to work to and is well worth the effort when it comes to personal health, so I would recommend anyone else with similar problems to give it a try. The staff are friendly and listen on every visit and offer a wealth of advice should you need it.

– R McC

I first started going to this Chiropractic Clinic about a year and a half ago. I was stressed in my job, grinding and clenching my jaw (causing head and neck aches). I remember feeling quite nervous when I first phoned but I was instantly reassured by Zoe, who explained exactly how the treatments worked. After the first 3 weeks of treatment I noticed I was sleeping better, my energy levels increased and my mood improved. Gradually, my stress levels have evened out and I feel very much back in control of my health. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone who wants to take care of their body naturally for overall health. Incidentally, since taking the fish oil I’ve not so much as had a sniffle! Huge thanks to the team!
-A Jarrold