Consultation £60
Treatment £40
Scan £35
X – Ray Referral £55
Acupuncture £40
Student (Full-Time)
Child (Age 3-16)

Consultation £50
Treatment £35
Scan £35
X – Ray Referral £55
Acupuncture £35
Child under 3 years
Consultation £50
Treatment £30

Spine, Consultation for Cloverfield Chiropractic DonaghadeeYour First Visit
Appointment times for new clients are available between 11am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. We have chosen these times as they are not our peak hours and allow the Chiropractors to give you the time you deserve and require for a full consultation which can take up to 60 minutes, in a relaxed and calm environment. If you need an appointment outside of these hours please contact us and one of our team will do their very best to find a solution.

Chiropractor alignment, Chiropractor BelfastThe consultation and examination process
The format for a new client of Cloverfield Clinic or indeed someone who has not visited us for some time, is as follows:

  • A full health history is taken looking into the past and present issues that may be related to your presenting problem.
  • We will perform numerous orthopaedic, neurological and chiropractic tests to obtain vital information about the function of your spine and nervous system.
  • Digital scans are a great way to assess the areas of wear and tear or alignment challenges that may be affecting your spine.
  • X-rays will only be taken if clinically indicated and if so may help you understand the cause of problem.

Chiropractor Bangor, Image of document - the road to recoveryThe Report Process
On your second visit, your Chiropractor will correlate all the exam findings, including your digital scans, with the details of your health history and create a bespoke treatment to suit your needs.

  • We will provide a report pack with contents including a summary of our findings and a copy of your digital scans.
  • Explain clearly and visually the findings from the tests and scans.
  • We will explain what the problem is, the management plan to correct it and the time and costs involved.
  • An individual plan is recommended and you decide what course of action best suits your needs.
  • A re-examination date is set for the future to repeat the tests to show your progress objectively.
  • It is then time for your first spinal adjustment. This will happen at the end of the report visit and it will start the process of correcting the underlying cause of your problem.