The Webster Technique

Do any reading about chiropractic treatment during pregnancy and the chances are you will have either read about or have seen videos posted on the internet about “The Webster Technique”.

What is it?

“The Webster Technique is defined as a specific chiropractic analysis and adjustment that reduces interference to the nerve system and facilitates biomechanical balance in pelvic structures, muscles and ligaments. This has been shown to reduce the effects of intrauterine constraint, allowing the baby to get into the best possible position for birth.” (Jeanne Ohm).

The aim is to make pregnancy as pain free as possible and to minimise distress to birth mother and baby during and immediately after the delivery. Sacral restriction/misalignment can result in torsion/tension within specific pelvic ligaments and muscles which in turn may result in constraints within the uterus. This is thought to be one of the many reasons for a breech presentation. Application of the Webster technique helps improve these imbalances and thus increase the available room for the baby, as a result of this the unborn child is more likely to move around and engage into the correct position of head first.

Chiropractic treatment improves the biomechanics of the pelvis and surrounding ligaments and thus in turn may allow the foetus more room to move around and engage its head into the correct position. A more detailed explanation on the technique can be found on the International Chiropractic Paediatric Association website.

ICPA website