Neck Problems

Joint dysfunction and misalignment of the cervical spine could cause any of the following symptoms:

– Headaches/Migraine
– Jaw Pain
– Neuralgia
– Dizziness
– Sinus Problems
– Shoulder Pain
– Arm Pain/Wrist Pain
– Numbness/Tingling

Neck problems can be caused by anything from trauma, to stress, to poor posture which can result in imbalances in the spine. When damage occurs to a joint, pressure may build onto the spinal nerves. People often refer to this pain as a ‘trapped nerve.’ The nerve may give pain signals localised to a specific area in the neck but in other cases may result in the referring symptoms in other areas.

If you suffer from any of the above symptoms it is wise to have your spine checked. In your consultation appointment we establish the history of your complaint and then undertake a thorough physical examination, which includes postural analysis with orthopaedic and neurological tests, and a scan of the spine to show any imbalances.