Disc Problems?

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Between the vertebrae of your spine are 23 discs, which act as a spacer and shock absorber. These discs have soft, gel-like centres surrounded by layers of fibrous tissues. Sometimes, due to an injury or just ageing, the material in the middle of a disc pushes to one side or even ruptures. Many people will have heard the term ‘slipped disc’ but this is a rather inaccurate name, as discs actually cannot slip. They can wear, bulge or herniate. Where it occurs: Bulging or herniated discs can appear in the Neck (Cervical Spine), Low Back (Lumbar Spine) and middle and… Read More →

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Welcome to Cloverfield Chiropractic Care

We are very pleased to present the launch of our new website for Cloverfield Chiropractic Care.  This blog will have a similar theme to our Carrick Chiropractic blog, which has been running for a number of years now.  It will include news about Chiropractic and spinal health, nutrition and lifestyle information as well as updates from the clinic.  We hope you find the content both enjoyable and informative.  If you have any topics that you would like to see covered, they can be sent to info@cloverfieldchiropractic.co.uk.

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